Marketing Intelligence

Simmons-Boardman Market Intelligence tracks rail and banking activity in 
more than 65 core-based statistical areas (CBSAs) nationwide. To build our 
proprietary databases, our teams rely on both supplied information and 
firsthand data collection. Each year, Simmons-Boardman Market Intelligence 
research teams visit more 2,700 municipalities to compile the most 
comprehensive record of banking activity available. Our data set 
contains essential variables such as monthly contract sales, cancellations, 
inventory, pricing, size, standard features, amenities, and buyer profiles. 
We track projects through all phases of the entitlement and sales process, 
from preliminary map to sales close. Based on more than 30,000 tracked 
projects, we offer in-depth data analysis on trends and market performance. 
Customers rely on Simmons-Boardman Market Intelligence's proprietary market data 
to simplify and accelerate their market research and analysis. Based on 
customers' business needs, our customized solutions and analytical reports 
allow them to parse, sort, and dig deeper into key industry statistics, 
complete housing project information and business-critical data. We deliver 
data through proprietary information products anpublished-research 


Simmons-Boardman Market Intelligence
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Our foundation is a wealth of experience nurtured over more than a century and a half partnering with American industry. Our growth in revenue and influence mirrors the success of the industries we have served – and the expanding markets we seek to serve.

Simmons-Boardman is recognized for its leadership in:

  • Custom Publishing
  • Audience Evaluation and Market Development
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Educational Resources
  • Digital Media and Marketing Services
  • White Papers and Special Reports
  • Presentations and Focus Groups
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Simmons-Boardman Publications:

  • Banking Exchange
  • Railway Age
  • Bar Business
  • Railway Track & Structures
  • Marine Log
  • International Railway Journal
  • Sign Builder Illustrated


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