Privacy Policy

When you log on to any Simmons-Boardman Web site, our server collects data about your domain name and which areas of the site you visit. This data is not personally identifiable to you and we use it to help us improve the quality of the Web site.

When you submit data using our registration pages, including your email address and other personal information, this data is used to ascertain whether you are eligible, or remain eligible, under the terms of our controlled circulation audit, to receive a free subscription to our monthly magazines.

In other areas of our Web sites you may, from time to time, be invited to request details of advertising opportunities via email or to provide your email for other purposes. None of the information we collect about you is passed outside of the Simmons-Boardman organization. We do NOT make your email address available to third parties.

We may, at some future time, use your email adress to send you an electronic newsletter, to tell you about upcoming advertising opportunities in our magazines, or to solicit your response to reader surveys. If you do not want your email address used in this way, please notify us by using the contact details found on the relevant Simmons-Boardman Web site.